The End Of An ADD & ADHD Voyage


Where do I start. I guess I could start when I was about 14 years old. My guardians wanted to put me on ADD medication because of my lack of focus & getting my ears checked because I ignored them whenever they’d call my name. The first one, yea I had issues with focusing on the current moment, but I ignored them because I didn’t want to hear their annoying voices in hopes that they would just leave me alone. I was an angry child growing up. Now that we got all that straightened out, they took me to a psycho therapist or whoever he was to get myself tested for ADD. Turns out I was, but gladly he did not push medication on me if I didn’t want to. And low and behold I didn’t want to. Yet they were still not satisfied with me not taking anything, so they gave me pills (herbal) something pills for ADD from a poor girl that had a bad four wheeling accident that ended with her being in a wheel chair. They tried reminding me everyday to take them, but after 2 weeks or so of taking them, they didn’t work. Was it a misdiagnosis, or did the herbal pills simply not work? I don’t know. But what I do know is that I did have issues with focusing & sometimes comprehending what people we’re saying. But not when I temporarily moved in with my father in Canyon Lake, TX of 1998. I turned 10 that year & the dry heat and warm weather did something to my head to where I could read, I made it to the top of the academic list at my school, & I actually felt happy, instead of irritable, unfocused, & always in the ugly past. Was I also allergic(?) hey maybe, I was living in Alabama at that time and who knows what was in the air that might have fucked up my head. But all I know is that dry heat set me up straight. This year in 2014 a friend discovered a man named

Dr. Sebi.dr sebi I usually read people to try to get to know them & honestly I was thinking of how beautiful this man was. He was so humble and intutive and didn’t take no for an answer.  A month later I ordered the Viento and Banju, & all I can say is with all the herbal shit and supplements that I paid for back in the day the Banju is the only one that’s worked for me for my focusing issues. I can honestly say the Banju has cured me of my ADD & ADHD.


With Regards,



6 thoughts on “The End Of An ADD & ADHD Voyage

  1. Shazia says:

    Thank you for your product review on Banju. I’ve desperately tried so many things with my daughter with minimal changes. I tried to google info on this product and found it very hard to find. I prefer to get responses from people who have actually tried it so this is helpful. Thanks again. Happy healing!

  2. Clifton says:

    Awsome review, thanks!

    Can you recall about how long it took for you to feel a difference, how long the product last and how you feel if you miss a day or two of taking it?

    Clifton Scarborough

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