Soul Mates And Big Mistakes


I never knew what a soul mate was. As a little girl I never dreamed of getting married, of having Barbie’s figure, or making a big living.  As a little girl I was trying to figure out why things happen. I don’t believe in soul mates for a good reason, believing in them can cloud your judgment. Being stuck with someone should only apply with your kids til they move out on their own. Not being beaten & feeling betrayed because ….oooo I thought he was “the one.” What the f*ck kind of bullshit is that? The truth is any man that sits there & beats on a woman is a terrible human being same goes to the women that beat down on men. They are not your babe, your honey, & definitely NOT your soulmate. Any good minded person would know that they don’t deserve you, they deserve asshole rehab where they can be cleansed of their douchbaggery and in hopes heal so no one has to go through what you went through including yoursef. If they were so sorry they would leave you alone so you could heal &  they would get dire mental help, something they should have thought of before being in a relationship. A woman I knew very well, was married to a man like this for over 10 years. Did it get better? No. It got worse & worse &… worse. She went mad, she was so desperate for love that she was delusional thinking this piece of shit was going to change for her, but NEWSFLASH! men like him don’t change just like that, they’re selfish, they’re fucked up. They drag people down with them. They ruin households, they don’t care about life, and in turn they don’t care about you. When a mother of 3 girls chooses a man like this over her own daughters I find it very hard to love and to even look up to people like this. I find it hard to think straight and to know what true love really is. To be betrayed not once, not twice, but three times from guardian to guardian who have done the same exact thing makes you wonder, are there any adults left in the world? What’s wrong with so many beliefs nowadays is that they’re bullshit & they hinder intelligent thoughts for the children, for the community, for their life in general. If anything a soul mate is a good person, to start out with. Good people I presume have a natural flow with the universe. This good person isn’t ever going to punch me in the face for being honest, or for standing up for myself in fact they will adore me for it. This person is not going to slap me in the face for proving a point, for being myself, for being free to live my life, in fact that’s what I’m here for & they’ll be proud to see that. So screw the belief that shitty people could possibly be the one. They’re not, in fact, revise to yourself what a soul mate really is to you. May you never have to go through a violent relationship. May you find the help you need so you’ll never have to be desperate to find it with the wrong person. If you need help here’s a link. You’re not alone, there is help, you can be free and happy on your own. And by the way the woman I mentioned, she is so happy now that she’s left that horrible relationship. She’s been happy and single for 5 years now. You can be too.

With Regards,



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