Gastroschisis: The Horrors of Survival & the Honor of Finally Living


Being born with a vital organ(s) outside your body is rough, to say the least. There are hundreds of thousands upon millions of bacteria, parasites, virus’s, that now have easy access into your organs. The organs that you NEED to survive. Yet when doctors don’t take enough care of those organs when placing them back in, there will be a higher likely chance of a bowel obstruction in the future.

Growing up that is exactly what I had to deal with, and with not a lot of information to heal what happened, I had to deal with it the best way I knew how to. Which was stay away from gassy foods, exercise, and try my damnedest to stay away from emotionally stressful situations. Not until 2014, when I ended up in this butt fucking hospital for a pretty bad bowel obstruction, I had to yet again stand up for myself so that they don’t fuck up something that I had to deal with for … uh all my life. Doing another surgery on it isn’t going to help! FYI everyone, abdominal surgery is the cause of bowel disorders and scarring, a doctor telling you less is just full of shit. So after rejecting surgery I went online & found this AMAZING AND BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN website (ahhhhhhhh) about a woman who UNDERSTANDS! @ . There I found the benefits of colonic massages, castor oil, & George’s Aloe Vera Drink. Also the incredible Dr. Sebi who has created herbs & nutritional guide that heal from the inside out creating a good habitat inside the body so the mind can focus and be sane…er. Trust me, I know all about the gut and mind connection, what effects your gut also effects your mind & whatever shit was in there made me…well bleh. After doing this cleanse it’s like I can finally see the light of day. Being a survivor of the disease these are the ways that I’ve healed so much! And o yea, SUN*FUCKING*SHINE! Living in Washington has not been very pleasant on my gut, yet with heat and exercise it’s been extremely healing, the best kind of weather that has really helped me to cope with it. I hope this has helped anyone else dealing with this f*cked up disease, I know, & I understand completely.

With Regards,



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