A Close Friend of Mine is Voting for Hillary Clinton



The woman who picks up my kids for school every morning is voting for Hillary Clinton.

We have a system.

She drops them off in the morning.

I pick them up in the afternoon.

It saves both of us money and it lessens our carbon footprint.

Because, you know, we care about those things, being as we are both liberals and all.

Did I mention that this woman is voting for Hillary Clinton?

Crazy, right?

And I don’t trust just anyone with my kids.

My friend is incredibly trustworthy.

She’s an awesome human being and I care very deeply about her.

We’ve been close for a long time.

We watched each other’s kids grow up.

She’s like a member of my family and I’m like a member of hers.

I love my friend.

Did I mention that she is voting for Hillary Clinton?

Yeah. I know, right? What’s up with that?


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Alabama, The UnAmerican

And by all accounts to those that claim Christianity and say their religion is about the Good Samaritan Parable, Alabama is certainly very  unChristian as well. From the refusal to extend Medicaid to creating bogus laws to try to shut down prochoice clinics, Alabama has a lot of work to do. By accepting fault, is a good first step and acknowledging the facts of why and how Alabama is one of the least progressive states in America; from confederate flag toters to bigots in the State’s office, we are concerned with our politics and lack of direction. To say the least I believe our representatives and many others are unhinged. We could talk policies and lawmaking all day long, but what is it that we’re doing today to really and truly improve the lives of the people in our state? Where is the transparency of Alabama’s government when it comes to where our taxes are going, how we vote people in or out of office, and the massive restraints and intolerance when it comes to the 1st Amendment. As a reminder, your religion is your own and that means you have no right on American soil to assume you have religious privilege, that is what we would call UnAmerican, and I see it almost everyday living in the South. You are allowed to display it anytime, but if you discriminate because of it, disrespect the innocent because of it, abuse or kill because of it, then you are a terrorist and a threat to society and will be handled justifiably. There are over 20,000 people who are true Americans in our state, that’s 19,999 more than enough to set the record straight. Like the Dalai Lama has said, “if you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.”

To call or email your concerns and frustrations please contact Representatives of Alabama here.


Thank you to all supporters fighting for good will of  all mankind; may we have the courage to do what’s right in the face of adversity.


The Process of Forgiveness: Poetry

Often I would hold in the pain others have inflicted on me, in hopes it won’t hurt them. That is not love. The spoils kept them from feeling the realness of their mistakes and in turn kept breaking me. I know now, what is love. Letting go and serving those with the realest truth, I’ve felt in my most vulnerable youth, once I had gained the strength to give it. Forgiveness is not always that gentle rush but it’s the painful process of redemption to your better self, that is where true forgiveness remains. False paths to forgiveness in steeples while those people you’ve hurt remain crippled, and gods laugh at us from our incomplete remains. Life hurts the worse when you allow life’s disipline to curse the evil you’ve embedded inside, yet the more you hide the more you steal the life you are meant to live. Pain in due process, forgiveness is not easy and it’s definitely not for the lazy, like in life you have to be good in order to gain anything.


One Good Reason Why You Need Aromatherapy In Your Life


Stimulation of olefactory nerves. The benefits? Cleansing the sinus’s for better breathway, activating memory and pleasure senses, helps you to relax and helps to control pain. Applying essential oils with a blend also helps fight inflammation. This of course can be on a mild level. Always consult with a professional if you need more healing help.

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In Health & Happiness,


7 Ways To Combat Stress & Relax!


  1. Massage and Pressure Points. Boosting more circulation in the body relieves stress and tension caused by pain and over work.



2. At least 5 Minutes of Yoga and Cardio: This helps to rebalance serotonin and dopamine levels giving you that “feel good” sensation.



aromatherapy83. Aromatherapy. Pleasant, all natural essential oils not only help to clean polluntants in the air but also activates the olfactory nerves stimulating memory, emotion, and feelings of comfort. For affordable real quality essential oils and aromatherapy supplies check out  Jade Bloom.




4. Eating a rich and clean diet. This helps you to feel cleaner and more energized caused by better digestion flow and better immunity by increasing equilibrium in the body.




5. Financial Stability. The Automatic Millionaire chart by David Bach can show you that sometimes it’s all about organizing and tracking your fun money expenses. Take a look in his book ” The Automatic Millionaire” today! Found at your local library and book stores.




6. Make a Magnesium Oil spray. Just a few of the many benefits of magnesium oil is improved sleep, relaxation, and decrease mental anxiety. For this easy recipe, click on the link.




7. Feng Shui! Being a feng shui consultant I can tell you in a nutshell what it’s all really about. Positive imagination, good energy flow, and decorating with nature. Look here for free advice @Panacea: Feng Shui & Medical Massage


Hope this has given you much insight and motivation! Cheers to creating your little heaven on Earth.